What Is Heart Music?

To truly understand what we do at Heart Sounds International, this question must be answered. So much of the “trade jargon” that we throw around is complex to explain and can be difficult to understand, mostly just because our focus in missions is so specialized. Ethnodoxology? Musicianary? Heart Worship? This article was recently posted on HSI’s Facebook page and explains the concept of heart music well. It was written by a colleague that HSI worked with a few years ago in the Philippines. The article will also give you some of the background behind the ethnodoxology movement and the current issues involved today. Not only that, but it gives a shout out to Heart Sounds!

As you read it, challenge yourself with these thoughts:
Is there a special worship song that makes me cry, no matter when I hear it?
How do I feel when my favorite songs are used in corporate worship?
Imagine what it is like for those believers who have never been able to express their praise to the Lord through music that speaks to them at this level.
How do I respond when someone 
else’s heart music is used in corporate worship?

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