Unreached, Unengaged, Reached

• There are about 12,000 people groups in the world.
• 6,000 of these are “reached,” meaning that they have a self-sustaining church movement needing no outside help.
• 3,000 people groups are “unreached,” meaning that a church exists but is unsustainable without outside help.
• 3,000 people groups are “unengaged,” meaning that they have no gospel presence and no one planning to engage them (as far as we know).
• 2,000 of these unengaged are “micro” people groups, meaning they have less than 100,000 people.
• Half of these micro-people groups are in close proximity to reached peoples.
• These reached “proximate” peoples are culturally, linguistically and religiously related to the unengaged and are divinely positioned to reach them with the good news of Jesus.

*Thanks to John Hall from Reach the Rest for these stats

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