Things I’ll miss, Part I

Hard to believe that in one month I’ll be returning to the US of A. I’m anxious to come back, and in a while I’ll post some things I’m excited for. But before that, I wanted to post things that I will miss about the UK. I’m sure some of this I won’t even realize until I come home, but these are things I have grown to love and will be sad to leave. Some fun, some more serious. So here we go (in no particular order) …

1. clotted cream – a delicious, thick, entirely fattening cream, which goes incredibly well with the next thing …
2. scones with jam and cream – yes, I can get them in the States, but not for the prices I can get them here!
3. choc chip shortbread – a Scottish influence, Starbucks in the UK sells these triangular morsels of goodness. Yum!
4. sheep – they are so cute and make the countryside so … pastoral. I see them frequently yet still can’t get enough of them. And the lambs are adorable—kicking up their heels and running!
5. driving on the left – yes, can you believe it? I really enjoy driving on the left. I actually think I have better depth perception on the left than right. Left-hand driving still feels adventurous to me, and especially goes well with
6. driving down tiny streets – this is partly what makes driving in England so fun—when you realize what tight spots you can actually get in with your car, or when you think, “these lanes are so narrow and everyone is driving fast,” but you do it, too, and make it through!
7. roundabouts – another driving pleasure, regular roundabouts make a lot of sense and when people know how to navigate them, they just work! The problem in Ohio is that people don’t know how to properly navigate them. But let’s forget those mini-roundabouts—stop signs would be better there.
8. Lake District – a no-brainer. If you’ve seen pictures, you can tell why. And it’s so close—I’m glad I’ve been living in Northwest England instead of somewhere far from the Lake District.
9. stone walls – yep, these are beautiful. Quintessentially England, everywhere, and lovely.
10. a castle in the middle of town – it’s hard to beat living in a city where there’s an 11th century castle smack dab in the center.
For now, that’s all I’m going to say, but I’ll post a second round on another day.


  1. Gail


    Thanks for taking me on a simple, yet pleasant journey of England in the things you’ll miss. It’s hard to believe you’re coming back stateside. I’m sure a bit of your heart will remain in England.

    Praying for you as you transition and as the Lord leads you.

  2. Tuck Thum


    Thank you for serving Christ in England and parts of Europe!

    Praying for you as you leave Carlisle and return to the States. Anxious to see what God has in store for you.

    Tuck, Cindy, David and Joshua

  3. Diane McMaster-Perry


    I love reading about your adventures. I can’t wait to see you in Carlisle next week. I hope to drive through the Lake region as well as check out your neighborhood CASTLE!!

    See you soon,

    Diane McMaster-Perry

  4. Reny Missos

    Loved this post. I loved the same things you did. Helen Brown makes a pretty good clotted cream. Lynn can make some good scones. I did love the sheep dotted across the hilly countryside, and the castles. I am thrilled for you to have this experience. You are a pretty special lady. Looking at your website yesterday I saw videos of you singing. I can’t wait to watch them all. Nobody worships like you my friend.


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