Things I’ll miss, Part II

Some more things I’ll miss about England …

11. the City Centre – I love how Carlisle (and most other towns) has a pedestrian shopping area with all kinds of little back alleys with shops and entertainment on weekends. It really is the hub of the city and a lot of fun. And great old architecture, not the least of which is Carlisle Cathedral.
12. alternate modes of transport – (coaches not included) I love that trains are more readily available (though still not cheap) then in the U.S. It’s also possible to get really cheap flights to other countries. I also love the underground in London! Another alternate mode of transport that we don’t use enough in the States but is quite common here is walking.
13. OM/friends from OM – I’ve grown to love this organization and the team here at ICT. I will miss the atmosphere, prayer times, discussions about language and culture, Communications team prayer time, and the OMNI (Communications) staff. I will miss hanging out at the Mallons’ house and going with Esther on crazy, last-minute trips, not to mention solving all the world’s problems at the Turkish Baths. I will miss Global Action and cultural dinners with the group. I will even miss the ride to and from work with Thomas and Johan.
14. St. James Church – In the short amount of time I’ve had at St. James, I’ve really enjoyed this congregation. St. James is a church that cares about the people of Denton Holme (neighborhood where they’re located), and they have made me feel at home. I’ll miss the Gap group and the Sunday evening service (and the time I’ve had to sleep in on Sunday—I knew that wouldn’t last, so I took advantage of it!).
15. no tipping – This is a nice one. Imagine actually paying the wait staff enough so that tipping isn’t required. On the other hand, imagine the service you get when the wait staff doesn’t have to earn tips. Yeah, that’s a problem.
16. no sales tax – VAT (value added tax) is included in the price of everything you buy. So you know exactly how much you’re spending. It’s wonderful.
17. unlimited tea and biscuits at work – This is a nice one, too. We have an assortment of drinks in the office and always at least 2 kinds of biscuits (cookies) to choose from for free.
18. Sandwich Club – a delicious little take-away (carry-out) close to the office. My favorites are their chicken, pesto & mozzarella panini for £2.20 and tuna savory baguette with veggies (kinda like a sub) for £2.10. I will miss this cheap but yummy lunch place.
19. Crown Inn – a good pub right down the street from me with free wi-fi. They have good food, especially the nachos, and it’s not usually too busy. I like the atmosphere, too.
20. CULT – don’t worry. I’m talking about Carlisle ULTimate frisbee—a group of adults that play this wacky but fun sport every Tuesday. Frisbee is great exercise and the group is great, too. Everyone likes to hang out and we have frequent events outside of frisbee, like BBQs, curry nights, etc.

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