Things I can’t wait for

Here are some things I am excited for in coming back to the States, in no particular order.
1. Being with family and friends again
2. Smash Volleyball – bump, set, spikin’ with the Motley Sand Crüe and Dairy Queen after
3. Mountain Dew – the nectar of the gods
4. Taco Bell – especially with my friend, AndreA
5. Panera – my new address
6. Rocknes – I’m gonna have me some Terminator
7. Many other foods – We have good eats in America. Yup.
8. Target and Pier One – my favorite stores
9. Driving on the right – I enjoy both sides. I just hope I turn into the correct lane on a right turn. I keep imagining the wrong one.
10. My house – I miss my little Cape, and I look forward to sitting on the front porch in a thunderstorm.
11. Pretzel – My kitty. Layin’ on the sofa with the purrin’ machine on my stomach. That’s comfort. I just hope he remembers me.
12. The Chapel – I can’t wait to worship with my church family again!
13. Whatever the Lord has in store for me – this ride is actually much more of an adventure to me now than it used to be. After seeing what He’s done this year, I’m excited to see what’s next.
14. Warm weather – ‘nuf said. Though I have to admit, today has been gorgeous.
15. Going out on the lake – I get to live on a lake when I first come home and that will be fun! I also must visit my friends in W Lake.
16. Unlimited drink refills – we really do everything big in the US, but this is one I will take advantage of again. Though I have learned to drink less, and that’s probably a good thing. Maybe I’ll won’t refill as much. (Except when I spend hours at Panera.)
17. Screens (on windows) – I don’t know why there are no screens in Europe, but there aren’t. It will be nice not to have as many bugs in the house.
18. Directions on signs (N,S,E,W) – Every time I’ve gotten lost (mainly in Scotland), it’s because the A roads don’t tell me which direction the road I’m turning on is headed.
19. Chapel Soccer – It was the first thing on my calendar (besides a dentist appt., which I can wait for).
20. The towpath – Can’t wait to enjoy some time on this and the Metro Parks.
Oh yeah, and …
21. Petrol (gas) being only $2.59-ish/gallon. (Instead of between $6 – $7/gallon.)

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