The Ministry

Heart Sounds International (HSI) exists to help ignite culturally relevant and biblically appropriate worship, especially in places where Christ-followers are restricted, persecuted or unknown.

Since God has fashioned each people group with their own cultural and linguistic distinctives, He is most glorified when these unique gifts are offered back to Him in worship. These culturally-appropriate forms of Christian worship result in a far greater release of energy, life, and passion.

HSI is a volunteer fellowship of people passionately desiring to glorify God by facilitating indigenous forms of Christ-centered worship among different people groups of the world through music, the arts, and video. We have carried out over 80 projects on five continents and the Middle East, working mostly with emerging churches. Our projects typically involve sending teams that include worship musicians and recording engineers. HSI is a part of OM Arts. To see some of the videos that have come as a result of these projects, check out our youtube channel.