The HSI Metamorphosis

A little over a month ago, our team gathered outside of Atlanta for the annual Heart Sounds International Summit. The Summit is the one time of year that our entire team is together in one place. We had a marvelous time discussing “synergy”—how each department can contribute to the others and work together to do something bigger than each of us could do alone.


HSI Staff Team November 2014

We discovered that HSI’s story is like a caterpillar’s metamorphosis into a butterfly. Our Prayer Coordinator did an excellent job of communicating how the Lord has led and changed our organization over the past 14 years. I have found her explanation to be useful for me as I’ve explained to others what we do. I want to share that with you—in pictures.





As a newly developed butterfly, we feel like we have emerged from the chrysalis and are standing on the edge of the branch, ready to leap off and soar into what the Lord has for us in 2015 and beyond! We already have at least nine projects in some level of planning for next year, one budding church partnership, and many other things in the hopper. Please pray with us for God’s direction and leading for the next phase of our call to encourage heart worship from the nations.

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