Let’s Not Get Left Out!

The Heart Sounds team was invited to participate in the Music Evangelism Foundation’s Word and Worship Conference in Colorado Springs at the end of June. I had the privilege of presenting alongside two of my teammates, Jolene, our Prayer Coordinator and Administrative Assistant, and Ken, one of our Co-founders.

MEF gave us a fantastic platform to share about HSI’s ministry. Ken had a total of three opportunities to tell stories of indigenous worship springing up around the world and HSI’s involvement in these projects. We each had a 10-minute promo during the sessions. I had the privilege of presenting on worship and global worship. It was a thrill to hear that one of the artists at the conference had been touched by my definition of worship and used it in one of her mini-concerts! (Not that it originated with me, but it was one that I had compiled and that our team chose.)

Many people came by our booth and were very interested in HSI’s ministry. For a lot of people at this conference, this was the first time they had thought about indigenous worship around the world. It was especially cool to see some of the artists, who were there as performers, be challenged in this way and interested in what we’re doing.

We connected with some other amazing ministries, including Faith Comes By HearingReach the RestAlpha Ministries and Channel North Africa. All of these ministries shared exciting stories of how God is moving all over the world. CNA is sharing the love of God with Muslims all over North Africa through television. If you want to read some compelling stories, read their testimonies page. And Faith Comes By Hearing has audio Bibles in 733 languages on their Bible.is app. These 733 languages have the potential to reach 75% of the world’s population!

God has always moved in every century and generation, but right now, He is moving like never before. Some of it may be that we are more connected and have access to what He is doing, but He is working in places that have always been considered hard or impossible, and in great volume. I returned to Akron so full. I also returned with an added burden to not be left out—with a desire to see the Western Church much more involved than it is. Isn’t it possible that God has blessed us right here, in this time, just so that we can help empower our brothers and sisters in nations that don’t have the material blessings we have? We are uniquely positioned. God wants to use us. But we are so often so inwardly focused. I confess that so am I. Too often, my first thought is how I can be comfortable or enjoy life—not how God wants me to use His resources. We also tend to be negative. I confess that so do I. It’s so easy to focus on everything that is going wrong or is uncomfortable, rather than giving thanks and reveling in what God is doing. He is working and it’s not hard to find where. Let’s not get left out in these exciting times! There’s nothing more fulfilling than being in the center of what God is doing!

with Jo and friend, Jamie, on Pikes Peak

with Jo and my friend, Jamie, on Pikes Peak

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