Leaving for Incarnate

This morning, while running past the budding trees and blossoming flowers in my neighborhood, I thought about how I was running in the Midwestern US today and would be on a bus to Isola del Gran Sasso, Italy, tomorrow. It never ceases to amaze me that you can be in a completely different country across the ocean in just a few hours!

So after landing in Rome tomorrow around noon, I will meet up with an OM Arts colleague, where we’ll take a three hour bus ride to the province of Teramo. Isola is nestled on the edge of Parco Nazionale del Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga, about an hour West of the Adriatic Sea.

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I’ll be joining the 40+ students and leaders at OM Arts’ school for the arts in mission, Incarnate! 26 students of varying artistic disciplines have been in intense spiritual, missiological and artistic training since January. Tonight begins a week-long festival, where the students present the original visual art, music and dance that they’ve been creating to the Italian community where they’ve been living.

I will get to meet these students, many of whom are already in missions or intend to be in missions in the future. I’ll be presenting HSI’s ministry to them on Tuesday.

PRAY that the Lord will open conversations with the students that He’d have me intersect with. Pray that relationships will be forged that could have long-term impact, both on the students, as well as the places where they’ll be serving (both over the next month, when they are placed on a field, and over the coming months and years). I’ve already heard that there’s one student interested in writing indigenous worship music in the country where she’s doing her field placement! Pray that HSI can encourage her, and through her, those where she’s ministering.

PRAY for me as I speak on Tuesday, that the Lord will give me the words and stories that will impact these students.

PRAY for deepening relationships with other colleagues and artist-visitors from other countries who will be there next week.

Most of all, PRAY for the Festival, that the students will have the opportunity to share their art, stories and Christ’s love to the local Italians, many of whom they’ve been building relationships with over the past three months. Pray that the gospel will be clearly presented through music, artwork, dance and testimonies. Pray for refreshment for the staff and students. It’s a long, intense time! And pray as these students will soon after launch into their month of field placement!


Thanks for your partnership in prayer!

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