Land of the Waldensians

The Cottian Alps are the home of the Waldensian Christians. The Waldensians today identify most closely with the Reformed Church, but their roots trace back long before Calvin, to Claudius, the Bishop of Turin, who was martyred in A.D. 839. Their founder, however, was most likely Frenchman Peter Waldo, who in the late 12th century gave all he had to the poor, began to translate the Scriptures into the vernacular, and started preaching. Waldensians took the Word of God and the Great Commission very seriously, and they were sorely persecuted for it. There is a Waldensian community in Bobbio Pellice, Italy (where I will be at the end of this month), to this day. In the U.S., Waldensians founded the town of Valdese, NC in 1893. To learn more and see a timeline, check out this website.


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