Italy and the UK, post quattro (four): Cioccolato Calda and Poetry

“I like your group. They’re different. They’re nice. I want to come to every event that’s being offered this week.” That’s what OM Arts Co-Director Pat heard from *Kathryn, a Scottish expat living in Italy, after a group from Incarnate had attended her English-speakers’ book club. Kathryn had invited Pat to read her poetry at the club. We pulled all the tables together inside a little cafe in Torre Pellice, ordered hot chocolate and espresso from the gracious store owner, and introduced ourselves. We listened as Pat shared the poetry that represented stories from her life and how God had shaped her. Afterward, I talked with Kathryn briefly since I was going to Scotland the following week. Later in the week, I saw her again at the Incarnate Art Exhibit, and we chatted some more about the Artists’ Gathering and Britain. Pray for Kathryn—that the presence of the students, teachers and visitors to Incarnate will have a lasting impact on her life and that she will realize the difference she saw was Christ within us.
*name changed


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