Italy and the UK, part uno: Frankfurt Airport

I enjoy flying. At least, I enjoy airports. After flying from Akron to Chicago to Frankfurt, I had time to kill and two meals to eat during a five hour layover at the Frankfurt Airport. I was very tired, but I also wanted to explore. It’s a large, modern, German airport with plenty of restaurants and shopping.

Lufthansa 747-8

I flew on the Boeing 747-8, the longest passenger aircraft in the world.


Frankfurt Airport

Central area of section A in Terminal 1

I found this amazing bakery in the terminal and had my breakfast. I highly recommend it.

Heberer's Traditional Bakery

Breakfast – yummy yum yum

Before I boarded the plane for Torino, I needed to eat a brief lunch because I didn’t know when I’d get to eat again. I had to have a Frankfurter for obvious reasons. And Apfelschorle, which is carbonated apple juice. I was introduced to this by my friend, Michelle, back in 2010.

Frankfurter and Apfelschorle


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