Incarnate: Adiamo!


The Piedmont region of Italy is nestled in the Cottian Alps, which divide France and Northwestern Italy. The capital of Piedmont is Turin (Torino), home of the 2006 Winter Olympic Games. About 39 miles Southwest of Turin is Bobbio Pellice, the home of OM Italy’s conference center, Forterocca, and the host of OM Arts’ school of mission, Incarnate. The purpose of Incarnate is to prepare artists for cross-cultural mission through a 12-week training. Ten artists (visual artists and musicians) from nine nations and staff and teachers from multiple nations have been there since February. It is my great joy to represent HSI and attend the Incarnate 2014 Artist Gathering & Festival at the end of April!

The gathering portion of the program is intended to give a small taste of what the wider Incarnate program is like.
It will include:
• Fellowship with other artists on mission;
• Personal creativity, creative collaboration and creative worship;
• Teaching and discussion on topics like “beauty vs. sentimentality.”

The festival will:
• Showcase the artists participating in Incarnate;
• Showcase local artists and gathered, international artists;
• Deepen relationships between the local community, artists and the local church;
• Elevate Christ among the local community in a way that is personal, worshipful and beautiful.

It is my prayer that I will bring back much that HSI can use in our own training of churches & individuals, and that I will experience a rich time of connecting with God and with others in the greater OM Arts world.

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