God’s Word for American Teens

from an email by Debbie Meroff

The Gideons used to hand out copies of the Bible to schoolchildren but in the U.S. today such activities are sharply censored. Now a new outreach by the Gideons, called the ‘Lifebook,’ has within a few weeks delivered more than 300,000 copies of the gospel message to students inside their own schools. This is possible because they’re given by volunteer students on a peer-to-peer basis during non-instructional blocks of time, such as between classes. Local churches provide leadership and coordination and student volunteers are recruited to hand out copies, totally supported by donations. A planned springtime 2011 campaign could handle a million copies. Ultimately, God’s Word should reach most of America’s 17.5 million high school students. Says a spokesman, ‘It’s like we’re helping students smuggle God’s Word into a closed country (public high schools) to reach an unreached people group; because studies show that only 4% of today’s teenagers are Bible-believing Christians.’ [WorldNet DAILY, Oct. 9, 2010]


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