21st Century Evangelicals in the UK

Here’s an encouraging study on Evangelicals in the UK. Though I don’t have an one-to-one comparison with the US, my gut tells me the state of Evangelicals in the US would be less encouraging. My hunches about our differences aren’t scientific, but based on studies I recall hearing over the past few years, and upon my own experiences working in American churches and living in England.

Notice the differences between Evangelicals in the two countries. For instance, one statistic that underscored what I experienced while over there is the one on miraculous gifts of the Spirit (p.5)—83% of Evangelicals in the UK “strongly agree that the miraculous gifts of the Spirit did not come to an end in the first century.”

I also think we’d see differences in tithing, belief about Jesus as the only way (though this is a hallmark of Evangelicals, I suspect that fewer than 91% of American Evangelicals believe this), and abortion (the US is stronger on this one than the UK, but it’s interesting that it’s younger people in the UK who never justify it).

I came away from this study with a sense that God is moving in the United Kingdom—a sense I had while I was there. Evangelicals work together better than we do. They aren’t as lukewarm. They realize they must take a stand and they’re learning to do it together. We can learn from them.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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